About the project

This project is another group project of IAT 233 for making an introduction to the architect Steven Holl. I am responsible for the graphic design part of the slide deck and the image on the right is the title slide of the presentation.


bumper slides

The use of bumper slides creates a smooth transition between analysis of each architecture. Each bumper slide also contains some hints or outline of the upcoming architecture to provide a brief understanding before getting into the analysis.


mood board

Different from the mood board created for the Seoul project, the graphic design is going toward a geometric and minimalist direction. The process of creating a mood board is hard and time consuming but it is effective for helping me to create graphic design works for the slide deck.




Font selection is a crucial part for designing a slide deck. The font provides a character for the design. In our project, the font Overpass has similar shapes with the architecture that we are introducing. This font choice ensure the cleanliness and relation between text and the overall design.



keeping it mysterious

Some small technique that I used in the slide deck will increase the curiosity from the audiences. In this slide, I use the image of Steven Holl as an outline , then mask it with his architecture and put his name on top of the image.