About the project

This project is one of the group projects of IAT 233 and my team has to use slide deck to make a presentation for the introduction of the capital city of South Korea - Seoul. The image on the right is the first version of title slide that I have designed for the project.


mood board

As my team’s graphic designer, I have to do researches about this city, investigate what is so special about this city, and blend that specialty into the graphic design of this slide deck. Constructing a mood board allow me to establish the overall feeling and language for the slide deck.


revised design

After revising the title slide, I ask for the opinions from my team and we made consensus that the title slide should express more “night energy“ from Seoul. Using neon light as the font style allows the title slide fully express the “night energy“ and strongly establish the design language at the beginning of the presentation.



Selecting the font for the slide deck is crucial and a good choice of font will be able to relate the culture behind Seoul and the transition of Seoul. I chose the font Muli because there are multiple similarity between this font and the most used Korean font “Seoul Namsan“.


design decision

Use diagram and photos to show the structure of the bridge at Cheonggyecheon area in 1970s. Using the timeline will allow our slides transition easily from one to another (the slide on the right) and tell a better story of the history of Cheonggyecheon area.


compare and contrast

With the slide on the left, the presentation of the transition of Cheonggyecheon area from 1970s to 2000s will be very smoothly. The contrast of b&w images and colorful images of Seoul also provide a better comparison on how the city and its areas are changing.




The content slides of this presentation are important because these slides carry a great amount of information of Seoul for the audiences. Using the principle of point-line-plane allows my design to create a clean combination of text and images.


The idea of point-line-plane has been applied for all of the content slides. The major part of the content is to explain how Cheonggyecheon area being rebuilt and turns into a modern elevated public platform called “Seoullo 7017“. There are many images involved in bridges and “sky garden“. These images involved in a lot of lines and plane that the idea of point-line-plane will be able to tell the story clearly.



Using the title slide as a foreshadowing for the art direction and end the slide deck with the same art style. Such design decision allow the slide deck communicate as a whole and keep the art direction coherent throughout the slide deck.